About us

"Nadační fond pro vzdělávací aktivity" (the Endowment Foundation for Educational Activities) was founded in 2007 (N 637 registered at the city court in Prague).

The purpose of the Endowment Foundation is to support the development of professional, human and ethical education for the youth and adults in the Czech Republic. All projects of the Foundation are designed as non-profit; all revenues are used for its activities. 

Today's world is in need of responsible and unified citizens, who are willing to promote a fair and humane society. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to help young people to make their own decisions, act freely, honestly fulfill their duties and be good citizens with a clear awareness of the responsibility of their actions. 

To achieve its goals, the Endowment Foundation establishes, maintains, and financially supports student residences, educational centers, etc. It has no economic or political objectives. All projects are conceived as non-profit and all revenues are used for its activities. The Endowment Foundation is supported by donations and contributions of legal and private persons.